Sparkletini Green Apple



Sparkletini Green Apple
Green apple-flavoured low-alcohol sparkling drink

Captain Barbossa, the fictional character of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, loves green apples above all else. They remind him of his childhood, the lively colour of the countryside across the Channel. We are sure the Captain would love this green apple-flavoured Sparkletini, made from cereals and wine.

  • Typology - Alcoholic drink
  • Main ingredients - Cereals, wine and green apple scents natural flavours, no coloring added
  • Format - 0,75l
  • Alcohol content - 5% vol.
  • Serving temperature - 6-8 °C
  • Colour - Brilliant bright white
  • Scents - Green apple
  • Taste - Fresh and light, with intense fruit notes, especially of fresh apple