Sparkletini Pomegranate



Sparkletini Pomegranate
Pomegranate-flavoured low-alcohol sparkling drink

There is a symbol common to many religions, philosophies and mythologies: the Tree of Life. It holds together heaven and earth, peoples and lands. Its fruit is the pomegranate, whose aroma is the symbol of this Sparkletini, made from cereals and wine.

  • Typology - Alcoholic drink
  • Main ingredients - Cereals, wine and pomegranate scents natural flavours, no coloring added
  • Format - 0,75l
  • Alcohol content - 5% vol.
  • Serving temperature - 6-8 °C
  • Colour - Light ruby red
  • Scents - Red Fruits
  • Taste - It is light and very distinctive, with a sweet base and a very fresh tone that recall the characteristics of the fruit